The Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors (AAPGAI) was formed in 2003 to improve the standards of assessment for future AAPGAI instructors, and our reputation at home and abroad confirms we are achieving our goals. However we do not rest on our laurels, as science and technology pushes the boundaries in fly fishing tackle, equipment and techniques our instructors respond by keeping abreast of developments and learn new skills and methods through our Continuous Professional Development programme.

High technical standards in casting is only one of the skills our instructors have to possess. Potential AAPGAI instructors are assessed not only on their casting, but also their ability to teach and communicate effectively all aspects of practical game angling which also includes fishing techniques, watercraft, fish biology, entomology and fly tying. For those that are interested in joining our ranks we offer a number of options to help them gain the skills and knowledge needed including Weekend Workshops and a Mentoring Programme.

In each of the three disciplines, single handed rod, double handed rod and fly dressing, there are three levels: Provisional, Advanced and Master. We regularly review our assessment syllabi and are proud that they are recognised worldwide as some of the most challenging standards. Potential candidates and those on our training programmes have high aspirations and covet the awards we offer.
To ensure our standards are consistently high through all disciplines and levels our assessments are conducted by a team of highly qualified professional assessors who themselves have been independently assessed.

All AAPGAI instructors that work with the public are required to have public liability insurance, be DBS checked and hold certificates in emergency first aid and protection of children and vulnerable adults.

Our members come from all walks of life and for some fishing is not just our passion but our job. We all share a common goal and that is to raise the standards in game angling instruction and the profile of our sport and encourage others to take part.  To that end our instructors can often be seen at game fairs, country shows and fly tying events providing demonstrations and casting clinics.
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